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Theodora Schulze, President,  president@americanconservatory.edu, Deceased March 27, 2018
Otto Schulze, Chairman,  otto@americanconservatory.edu
The High Reverend Apostle Photios, Dean of the Conservatory,  apostlephotios@americanconservatory.edu
Rev. Daniel Gorham, Our Greatly to be Honoured Past Dean of the Conservatory,  frdan@americanconservatory.edu, Deceased December 12, 2013
Steven Reid, Dean of Music Studies,  sreid@americanconservatory.edu
Elizabeth B. Howard, Dean of Education,  ebhoward@americanconservatory.edu
Ashley K. Davis, Registrar,  registrar@americanconservatory.edu
Edwin Thomas, Director of Admissions,  ethomas@americanconservatory.edu
Morton J. Evans, Chancellor,  mjevans@americanconservatory.edu
Ke-Yin Kilburn, Dean of Asian Studies,  kkilburn@americanconservatory.edu
Daniel Lee, Vice President, Asian and Pacific Operations,  daniel_lee@americanconservatory.edu
James Lee, Chief Administrative Officer, International Operations,  james_lee@americanconservatory.edu

Board of Trustees:

Otto Schulze, Chairman  otto@americanconservatory.edu
The High Reverend Apostle Photios, Spiritual Director  apostlephotios@americanconservatory.edu
Theodora Schulze, Director president@americanconservatory.edu, Deceased March 27, 2018
Benjamin Ubovich, Director bubovich@americanconservatory.edu
George Thompson, Director gthompson@americanconservatory.edu
Sally Cademcian, Director scademcian@americanconservatory.edu
Helene Norman, Director hnorman@americanconservatory.edu
Ke-Yin Kilburn, Secretary kkilburn@americanconservatory.edu

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